“When we talk of “exploring the mystical,” we are not trying to dig into creation, because if you dig into creation, it will only get more complex. It will not bring clarity; it will only bring more complexity. That is why the yogis looked in a different direction. We looked inward. If you look inward, a different dimension opens up. Now instead of things getting more complex, you get to clarity. It is because of this that we say that those who look inward have a third eye. They see things that others cannot see. They have brought a new clarity to life.” ― Sadhguru, Of Mystics & Mistakes

Perhaps in the busyness of my daily activities I have overlooked spiritual practices that bring me peace and clarity.  If that is the case, I simply seize the opportunity of this moment.  The presence of God is continually sharing itself with me.  In meditation, I clear my mind of distractions.  I give no power to things that weaken or discourage me.  I replenish my mind and soul with affirmations of Truth.  With faith and through practice, a new mastery is established in my consciousness.  I am not so easily distracted by life’s circumstances.  My connection with Spirit is deepened and strengthened as I grow in spiritual understanding and power.     ~ Daily Word, May 4, 2010  ~

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