A HEALTHY SOUL -Meditation (Video)

It’s our job to work in our soul’s best interest.   ~ Terry Lynn Taylor and Mary Beth Crain, Angel Courage   ~

Meditation is a way to balance the spirit as well as the soul, which has now been scientifically proven to decrease stress and improve physical health.  Good health is a sound soul in a sound body.   When your soul is fed with divine energy through meditation, and your body is fed with material energy through the process of digestion, you become in good health of body and soul.

The repetition of a mantra quiets the breath and as a result the mind, bringing the meditator into the field of “pure consciousness.” From a beginner’s perspective, using a mantra can help focus and sharpen a mind prone to wandering during meditation. Mantra meditation is similar to mindfulness meditation, with the addition of a repetition of a simple word or phrase.

What is a mantra?

It’s a word or phrase repeated over and over again during meditation.

Modern Mantras

  • “Love is the only miracle there is.” – Osho
  • “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi
  • “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.” – Laura Silva
  • “I change my thoughts, I change my world.” – Norman Vincent Peale

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