Each one of you has been called.  Every individual soul has work to do.  None can do the work of another.  Each must do his or her own work.  Therefore, we say, accept it, my child; accept the task laid before you and pray to the Great Spirit that you may not fail.        ~ White Eagle (The Quiet Mind) ~

We all must take responsibility for ourselves. There is no one there to do it for us. When the things that you do and the way you behave match your values, life is usually good – you’re satisfied and content. But when these don’t align with your personal values, that’s when things feel… wrong. This can be a real source of unhappiness.

Don’t rely on someone else for your happiness and self worth. Only you can be responsible for that If you don’t love and respect yourself, no one else will be able to make that happen. If you expect others to make you happy, you will always be disappointed. You control your own feelings on a daily basis. When you take responsibility for your actions, you silence the negative voice in your head.

There is nothing wrong with going after the things in life that you enjoy. It’s when those things define your sense of self that you run into problems with happiness. Live every day as if what you do matters, because it does. Never take anything for granted and always be willing to embrace changes, for they will come.

It is all up to you. You are responsible for yourself, whether you like it or not. What you do with your life and what you have done already is up to you. So do the best you can with the talents you have and things will work out just fine.

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