Great Spirit, I feel Your hand upon me and see Your handiwork everywhere.  My heart is filled with gratitude when I reflect on my life.  I am graced to have wonderful family and friends, people who love and accept me and are honest with me.  Thank You for such amazing companions, teachers and lovers.  I am inspired by the glory of this planet home; rushing rivers and mighty forests; busy cities and tranquil meadows; climbing high in the mountains and wading in the sea, I am humbled by the perfection of Your creation.

I appreciate this life-journey itself; times of great joy and deep sorrow; dancing and weeping; successes and failures; challenges and so much more.  Each experience has taught me so much and played a part in bringing me to this moment.  I know that there is much work to do in order to fully realize the wonder of this world.  I also know that You are always with me, guiding me, and I am at peace.  Thank You so very much.  And so it is.  Amen.

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