Life is a journey, not the destination. It is the mixture of everything. It is happiness and sadness, success and failure, comfort and pain, opportunities and frustrations, love and hatred. It is not perfect. If you go through life without and obstacles, you would not get to appreciate the joy. Life is a journey of dreams to chase, goals to reach and people to meet. Life is a beautiful struggle.

Throughout this journey of life, we will all get lost. Each day is a path of twists and turns, corners of darkness and visions of light. If a day did not go by where we thought for a brief moment, an end would simply and shorten the madness we love and hate so much we would not be human. In the end, the journey is about something. It is a quest for moral right and a rendezvous with destiny.

Be mindful of each moment in your day.  SLOW DOWN!  Your journey is not only about arriving at your destination.  The journey is the journey.  The end is not the journey.  The destination will be what it will be, but did you enjoy the way     ~ Ron Rathbun (The Way Is Within) ~

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