When you know who you truly are, there is an abiding alive sense of peace.  You could call it “joy” because that’s what joy is: vibrantly alive peace.  It is the joy of knowing yourself as the very life essence before life takes on form.  That is the joy of Being – of being who you truly are.     ~Eckhart Tolle (Stillness Speaks)    ~

Put joy into your life. See how much love and kindness you have for those who won’t or can’t return it. How often do you do things for the sake of goodness, not for the sake of appearing to be a good person. People who promote positive thinking would advise you to make it a habit of thinking positively when faced with difficult situations. We all have a built in set of personal values. If we lose touch with those values we lose touch with our true self. Stay true to your values. How we respond to the many situations and circumstances in our lives will determine how the world around us responds to us. Do your best to create the joy of Being, it will bring you Peace.

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