Angel Praying


I move into this day with a smile on my lips and a song of praise in my heart.
I pause to remember that You are the core of me, the source of who I am.
I am reminded to let that which is within me shine forth.
A sweet smile, a kind word, a friendly glance or a loving hug; these are my gifts.
I may not remember tomorrow the seed of love I plant today, but someone else will come along to water and tend the seed until it flowers.
There is fertile ground all around me; the clerks at the gas station and grocery store, my coworkers and neighbors, passing motorists on the highway, the server where I will eat lunch, and the stranger on the street.
My intention is to be a roving ambassador for love.
Talking about love is not enough, but may my life truly reflect Your light to all.
Amen.  ~

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