Marianne Williamson on MYSTICAL POWER

Mystical power neither originates from nor acts upon the material realm.  It is the sustaining energy of the world beyond – beyond body, argument, reasons or personality.  Mystical power in relationships comes not from improving our “people skills” but from developing our “soul skills.”  In order to connect with someone, friend or enemy, the mystical key is to move beyond the level of argument to the silent rhythms that only the spirit perceives.

Speak to someone in the silence of meditation.  Speak there, in the holiness of the inner shrine from your most naked, loving truth.  Hear there how his soul responds.  It will.  We are not bound by the physical level, unless we choose to be.      ~ Marianne Williamson

The idea that we don’t have time to meditate is an illusion. Take the time and it will pay dividends as you find yourself completing tasks more quickly and effectively as you become less easily distracted.

Meditation can return results in both the way we apply ourselves and the reward we get from our experiences. An organized mind can hugely improve effectiveness, as greater levels of mental energy mean we do not tire easily, but it will also mean our capacity to appreciate pleasurable experiences when they come is also enhanced.

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