Meditation is the stilling of the chaos the perpetually involves itself in our human existence and the arrival at a definitive point of reference where we meet as one with God.   ~ Sheila Gautreaux-Lee (Praying Through a Storm) ~

Meditation is the state of thoughtless awareness.  Meditation and contemplation are states of focused attention. It is no mistake that God chooses to talk to us inside of our own minds.  Meditation is where we meet as one with God.  There is nothing wrong with meditating as it is a proven, sound practice. There is nothing wrong with listening to God.  Most Christians tend to call this action “prayer” rather than “meditation.”   Regardless of what the practice is called, it allows us to concentrate on the present moment rather than dwell on the past.

Yoga Mantras for Meditation:

I reflect on the unity of Divine Spirit, which pervades everything in the earth, the atmosphere and heavens.

May this Supreme Consciousness protect me and illuminate my intellect that I may realize my inherent oneness with That.

I meditate on the great luminous light that enlightens all three worlds.
May it enlighten all.

~~ I honor the light in you and in all – used as a greeting and goodbye

Silence is soothing.   Silence is peace.   Silence is divine.

The more silent you are, the more you can hear yourself think, and the more you can help yourself heal. Somewhere deep inside, you already know this is true. Think for a moment …

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