Money should not cost you your joy.  ~ Laurence G. Boldt ~

The way you spent your money will determine whether you will generate happiness out of it. If you spent your money only on material possessions like jewelry and expensive cars, you will not generate long-term happiness. If you, however, spent it on dreams and experiences, such as traveling to places you have always wanted to visit, finally be able to get parts for that classic car you are renovating for years now, or that ranch where you can ride your horse as a cowboy, you might have a chance at happiness.

There are people who have money, and there are people who are rich.  Money isn’t the key, but it’s relationships that are important. If you are looking for happiness, start from within, start with your relationship with yourself. Learn to like, then love yourself, and watch the good that will come to you. Your happiness is in your own hands, and possessions aren’t going to help you find it any faster.

Having relationships with friends makes us more compassionate and gives us a greater sense of belonging and meaning. No one can cheer us up like our friends can. Feeling important to a close friend can make us feel happy. Interacting with more people, even casual acquaintances, gives us a sense of belonging and makes us feel special. One person’s happiness triggers a chain reaction that benefits not only their friends, but their friends’ friends, and so on. Friends help us live longer, stay healthier, and bring happiness into our lives.

Happiness is a frame of mind. Happiness comes from within. It lies not in flashing the cash, but in modest living and giving something back to society. If you are seeking happiness, spend more time with friends and family, in pleasant natural environments. If you are grateful for what you’ve got right now, you will then be happy with everything you get.

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