Place of quiet


You have to learn to seek first the kingdom of heaven, the place of stillness and quiet at the highest level of which you are capable, and then the heavenly influences can pour into you, recreate you and use you for the salvation of all human kind.   ~ White Eagle (The Quiet Mind)   ~

Simply by being alone with your thoughts, even if those thoughts are not directed or focused on any specific thing, you will begin to see positive changes in yourself. When we create stillness in our body, even if its standing in line for lunch, at the checkout line at the grocery store or waiting in line during a drill — we allow ourselves a greater chance to focus.  If our minds aren’t silent we can’t focus in on the task at hand.

Stillness gives us a point to become aware of the movement, the flow, the dance. We become still and appreciate movement. Life is impossible without movement. But in stillness we learn how to move better, how to respect the whole creation more fully, even how to control movement for useful purposes.

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