Dear God

Sometimes I feel stuck in a loop of analyzing my life and experiences.

If I could figure things out on my own, I would have done so already.

Lift me above this trap of the past.

I open my mind and heart to Your spirit now.

Reveal Your wisdom in me that I might live the life You intend me to live.

Establish a path before me that I can understand and follow.

I follow as You lead.  And so it is.


We are all divine creatures. There is reason and meaning, not only for the different experiences in our lives, but for our life as a whole. as well. We are all here to learn and better our lives for ourselves and those around us. Trust in every experience because every single one of them will bring you closer to your life’s destiny. Never think of them as a distraction or a detour. Recognize the lesson in each positive or negative experience, and try to find the meaning of each one.

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