Or is that too much work, to think before you speak?  For some people, it is.  It’s a lot of work.  For all of you who want to walk a spiritual path, I suggest you stop and take a look at all the things you think and all the assumptions that you make before you speak.  Try some discipline and see if you can, for a whole week, just watch your thoughts.     ~ Hinono (For the Land of the Lost:  How Get Ready for God) ~

When we speak, we don’t think. We search. If you can’t find something thoughtful to say, just don’t say it. If you don’t have an answer, don’t give one. You may be surprised at how others change their perception of you with this simple trick. “Smart” people talk less, but when they do, everyone listens. Ironically, they may not be smart at all. They’re just smarter for talking less!

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