Father/Mother/God:  I retreat from the noise that is all around me and enter the silence of meditation.  Quiet my restless and wandering thoughts.  Speak to me in the sweet stillness of Your love.  In Your name, I enter the internal sanctuary of my heart.  By Your peaceful presence, I am renewed.  I release the empty things I cling to and am filled with Your peace.  Thank You for this quiet time.  Amen.   ~

“When you reach a certain level of peace in your life, you will find that many issues that have weighed you down in the past…disappear, become non-important, and their hold on you becomes less by the day, weeks and months.

Try to get that peace in your life, especially if you fill you are struggling with inner peace today, doing so will lead to remarkable changes in your life, both inner and outer, the inner being a more fulfilled life journey and better health, the outer being a more inclusive social person who will be received much better as your inner self sparkles in a united way with your outer physical self, stop neglecting your own needs and place your own peace in order first, then you can help others achieve their peace, if and when they ask you to. ~ Roy Hale

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