Sweet Spirit:

Some life experiences really stretch me, showing me places within myself that are in need of healing.  There are times when I cannot see that I am holding onto the past, until I have started to let go.  Thank You for being patient with me.  Teach me how to be gentle with myself.  I realize that, at times, I am fighting my own good, clutching the very attitudes and thought patterns that keep me tied to the past.

Show me how to live by my own advice.  I surrender my willfulness to You.  I release my fear of the unknown.  Thank You.  And so it is.    Amen.

One part of your life to evaluate is the people you spend your time with.  If you constantly spend time with negative people, you’ll become negative as well. If you spend time around people with no ambition, you’ll find your own dreams slipping away as well. On the other hand, surrounding yourself with awesome people who want the same things you want in life will set you up for success.

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