The seasons flow from summer to autumn to winter to spring.  The tides ebb and flow.  The cycles of the moon wax and wane.  The cells in our body are constantly changing and re-creating themselves.  The circumstances we meet each day are different from the ones that existed the days before.  Look closely at life and you will discover it consists of constant change.  Nothing remains the same.  All life is movement and change.

It is only natural to crave stability in this world.  When you understand the nature of reality, it becomes very obvious that change is the only constant.  Everything is in the process of becoming something else.  We all must take a more flexible approach to life.  We need to jump into life and appreciate the flow and movement that is our reality.  All life is movement and change.  Don’t be left by the wayside.

Follow us at as we embrace the changes in all of our lives.

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