Angels are the guardians of hope and wonder.  Our Angels are the keepers of magic and dreams.  Angels can be found everywhere.  They are depicted in churches, works of art, landscape statues, Christmas cards, decorations, stories, films, and best selling books.  They have risen in popularity in our culture in the last few decades as our messengers of hope and wonder and now it is becoming more acceptable to discuss how they do help us.

We are all born with one guardian angel, and many helper angels.  They help us when we are struggling with life in times of grief, conflict, or when life just seems a little too hard.  They guide us and protect us, even when we are not aware that they are doing so.  Their mission is to bring Peace on Earth, and they do this one person at a time.  They sometimes do this through people that we meet at the exact time we need to hear their message.  This divine intervention is needed because we all have free will and often do not choose the path that is in our best interest.  Believe in your angels, seek their help and guidance daily, and you will be richly rewarded.

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