God has put at each person’s side, a Guardian Angel to support and protect us, and to be with us always. God sends us the angel to free us, to lead us away from harm and to guide us. He asks only that we listen and respect our angel. From the very moment of our birth, we have had a guardian angel appointed to us.

Guardian Angels communicate to us through thoughts and feelings. It may not be evident that it is our Guardian Angel communicating to us, be we may realize that the idea or thought did not come from our own mind. We can ask for their assistance and help, but only God has authority over our Guardian Angels.

We believe that our Guardian Angel may visit us in a dream to let us know that they are watching over us. They may be trying to deliver a message, or they may be reassuring us about their presence. Some say that babies and pets may be able to see Guardian Angels, even when the rest of us can’t.

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you are not alone, when you knew no one else was around?

This could be a sign that your Guardian Angel is with you. When you feel that you are not alone and that you are being protected, this is a wonderful gift that your Guardian Angel is giving you.

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