The Angel of Peace is found in nature, when we are at our most peaceful state.  She is the Angel of Inner Peace and Calmness, the Angel of Serenity.  She is there for us, keeping us calm for others to lean on.  She presents herself in robes of white and blue, often surrounded by the doves of peace.

This Angel of Peace can be called any time we need peace in our lives.  Peace is a state in which our minds stop talking, fears and doubts take a break, and our own soul can speak to us with clarity.  She will help when you are frustrated, especially where your anger can cause problems.  Let her help you bring that calm place back to your heart so decisions can be made clear again.

You can have an added connection to your Angel of Peace by wearing a stone or crystal of calmness, like Amethyst, a Quartz Crystal or Blue Agate.  Transform your life to one of Peace and Serenity.  Join us at as we take our journey to wellness.

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