The Angel of Spirit is believed to be a holy spirit or flame that burns within each of us.  Its form is mostly of pure light or fire with a golden white light beaming from its center.  This angel is the connection between all life.  It is the spark or the soul that starts life.  It is the universal energy of love that connects all beings to each other.  This angel helps connect all other angels within our lives on this earth.  It acts as our prayer receiver and deliverer.

Heart, mind and soul, this angel stands for the beauty of spirit.  The Angel of Spirit assures us that the spirit was made to be limitless and nurtured, inside and out.  The quartz crystal is the connection stone of the Angel of Spirit.  It reflects all light, creating rainbows and life.  The quartz crystal helps amplify the healing energies of other gemstones.  The quartz crystal is believed to enable a rise in spiritual awareness while enhancing meditation as it helps to improve communication with our angels.

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