Angels are “God’s Messengers” and are here to guide, protect, nurture and to give us strength.  They will not interfere in our lives due to our free will, so we must ask for their assistance.  Angels are more than happy to assist in any area they are called upon from healing to a parking space.  There are no requests too large or small and they can be in several places at once.  Angels inspire us, and teach us how to live in peace and joy.

There are many ways to show our appreciation for all they do for us.  Angel Pins serve as a daily reminder that we are not alone.  Many people wear angel pins for comfort and help.  Let us open our minds and hearts and ask for assistance.  We can do this silently, out loud or in a prayer.

We receive messages from our angels all the time, we only need to tune in to what they are telling us.  All messages are full of loving guidance, never telling us to do anything to harm us or another.  Angels also leave signs, maybe a coin on the ground or a feather, to let us know they are here and listening to us.

 Angel pins are perfect for any occasion, whether  you want to wear an angel pin as a reminder of your guardian angel, or need a gift to say “thank you” to a dear friend or caregiver, or need a special way to say “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas” or “I’m thinking of you.”

Please follow us at where we believe in angels and truly appreciate them.

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