Angel and Doves


Are you aware?   Do you believe that there are angels all around us and they are here for us?  Angels are here to help keep us from physical harm.  Unfortunately, we do not realize the importance of giving the angels permission to intercede for us when we are in trouble,  Do not wait until the time of trouble to cry out for help.

Each morning when we get up, we need to tell our angels that we wish them to be with us to help guide us through the day, that we wish for them to intercede in anything that would bring us physical harm.  Physical harm is what angels are especially good at protecting us from.    Angels are the essence of all that we are.  They can see things clearer than we can as humans.  The angels know the past and can see into the future.  Many times they have stepped in and saved us from harm because it was not the time.  These are happenings that we are not aware of but have some kind of an inkling that divine intervention has saved us.

Let us all make a pact to be more in line with our angels.  We need to talk to them every morning before we start our day.  They are there for us with unconditional love.  Follow us at as we take our journey to wellness.

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