Angels are the light that illuminates our soul’s divinity.  Angels help us visualize our dreams and then find ways to help make them come true.  Angels are like intuition, they gleam their fiery embers within our souls.

We must let the Angels remind us to keep our inner peace in a world that may sometimes appear to have gone crazy. They carry the messages of love.  Angels dream beautiful visions of the world.  They are the love that we need to overcome hatred.

Life can be tough. But when something is addressed and attended to, what seems insurmountable can begin to work out. When all is going well, it is easy to become complacent. Life’s challenges can appear to be uncomplicated and clear cut. We are so confident that we don’t think we need help. When life starts to get too difficult to control, help is always at hand. When that dark cloud encases us, it’s hard to think straight and make choices. There is help available. The Angels are always ready to help you to resolve that which challenges you, you just have to ask. The powerful energy of the Angels is there for you. Have faith. Believe.

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