Angel and Rainbow


Angels help free us from the webs of negativity and anxiety.  Angels impart a calmness that assures us of God’s endurance.  They have wings to carry our prayers to God, for when prayers go up — blessings come down.

The spirit of anxiety is a bondage spirit and carries all your worries and works hand in hand with the spirit of stress and nervousness. When the little things get too much and anxiety seems to seep into every aspect of your life, it’s time to quit trying to figure everything out by yourself and ask for some guidance from your angels. Take a minute to focus on the issues you are most concerned about. Tell your angels what those issues are and that you’d very much like to have their help. Once your heart is open to the angels, your anxiety should be lifted. There are many angels that you can cal on to help you. All you have to do is speak to them from your heart or speak to them out loud and trust that they will hear your call.

Angels welcome diversity and so are champions of our individuality.  When anxiety looms, stop and take a deep breath.  While you rest, angels will step in and restore serenity.  Angels see us for what we are and they love what they see.

Angels know that if you smile, it is infectious.

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