Reality is in the eye of the beholder. Our reality and imagination are closely intertwined. In our imagination, we often are floating in space. This could mean that a universe of opportunity and achievement awaits us. Space is a big disconnect from our world as we imagine the euphoric state of well being. Space is the tranquil foundation that allows us to remain above life.

When we imagine we are floating in space, we are one with angels, where everything around us is dark. (Angels can reach us in our imagination only if we have slowed down enough to be receptive.) Within this vision we realize there is light. In the distance we see a horizon and beyond that, we see starlight. Space exists because the Universe exists. Our imagination eliminates the perception of obstacles. If you know what makes you most creative within your imagination, such as reading or taking a walk, make plans for these situations to happen, for positive use of our imagination brings peace. The choices we make in our imagination also determines our success in living a spiritual life.

Those of us who use the mind-wandering processes of our imagination in daily life, tend to be more creative. Our imagination, when used positively, can reshape our brain. It can help us to perceive situations differently than originally thought, and gives us many ways to solve difficult problems. This would give us the freedom to allow our minds to wander during periods of problem solving while manufacturing creative solutions. The reality that we see and feel is not an experience of the body, it is what we have created within our mind and our soul. Our imagination is our reality.

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