There are no accidents in God’s Universe, or in our lives. There are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason. Understanding this principle will assist you on your path to spiritual awakening. You will understand how to be more aware of thing around you. Your spirit guides or angels are waiting to show you something wonderful. Be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Have you ever been given a sign and wondered if it was a coincidence? These could be solutions from your spirit guides or angels to help you with your decision making. Your angels are constantly sending you answers to your questions, but you must be in communication with them to understand the message. Pay attention to your coincidences, as they may be signs. Try to understand the message. But what if you do not get a sign? Your angels might want you to look again at your question, what you want might not be right for you and you need to go in another direction. If this is the case, ask your angel for clarity on how to proceed.

Our intention creates our reality. State your intention when contacting your angel, don’t be vague. Make sure to ask for what you want, not what you don’t want. Then trust that you will be sent a sign and that the possibilities will open up to create what you want. When you receive what you are seeking, you must thank your angel for helping and for always being there to take care of you. Too many times we discount the signs they give us, and write them off as mere coincidences, but they are not and you must pay attention.

Once we understand the way life really works and that there are no coincidences and everything happens for a reason, we will become full of joy. If you are seeking an answer, signs are everywhere, you only have to be more observant. If you have been looking for a sign, but cannot seem to understand where the sign seems to be, ask your angel to communicate to you through a song. Then pay attention to the next few songs you hear on the radio or television for a significant meaning. Ask your angel for a song and you will be amazed at how quickly you get your answer.

When you experience what you believe to be a coincidence, it is usually a validation sent from the angels that there is someone guiding you. If you ask for guidance, pay close attention to brochures in the mail, or meet someone that answers your question within their conversation.

Surrender your requests to your angels and you will see signs, many of which are in the form of what you believe as a coincidence. The more signs you notice, the more signs you will experience. Pay attention to your sign and be thankful that you are not alone and you have angels watching over you.

“Something watches over us and we know it when we follow the little voice inside or heed the warning or inspiration that arrives as if on wings. We need the intermediaries that keep us close to the spirit of life, to the wonders of nature and to the subtleties of our own inner nature.” ~ Michael Meade, The Genius Myth ~

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