April Fools Day 2021

April Fools Day 2021 Fun for All!

April Fools Day 2021 – April 1st is as good a time as ever to turn a frown upside down and lighten the mood. Do it with a brilliantly-executed April fool’s prank!

April Fools Day 2021 Sign – “Honk and Smile!”

Slip a sign reading “Honk and Smile” inside the car of your prank target, or maybe outside on the back bumper. Make sure it’s hidden and out of their view (and not blocking their views at all). All commute long, they’ll wonder why they’re getting beeped at nonstop by drivers who seem more flirty than inconvenienced.

The “Broken” Remote!

This prank takes the “control” out of remote control: Use a teeny sticker or tape to cover over the sensor on the clicker. No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to make those TV channels budge … even with new batteries.

April Fools Day 2021 – The Drink that isn’t a Drink!

Whip up some Jello and let it set in juice glasses, complete with a straw in each. Serve them up to guests’ surprise: Those “drinks” aren’t liquid at all, and those straws will get them nowhere. Also, what a nice surprise this would make at the family dinner table.

I need to see you “ASAP!”

So simple, but so effective. Write “I need to see you ASAP” on a Post-It note, and then add an illegible signature. Leave it on a coworker’s desk and they’ll go into panic mode as they try to figure out who left the note and what the emergency might be. Are they in trouble?? Don’t let them get too freaked out before revealing that you’re the culprit behind the mystery note or they may never forgive you.

April Fools Day 2021 – A Harmonica and a Front Bumper!

Buy a harmonica and then duct tape it under the front bumper of your victim’s car. They won’t hear anything at first, but they’ll eventually notice an unmistakable wheezing sound coming from (what they believe is) their car’s engine. How long can they ignore it before looking under the hood and trying to figure out what the heck is going on? If they end up taking their car to a mechanic, you may have to split the bill for harmonica removal. But it’ll be worth it for the shared laugh.

April Fools Day 2021 – Scare ’em with Bubble Wrap!

Measure out just enough bubble wrap to hide under the rug of a frequently visited stretch of hallway. Once somebody steps down on it, it’ll make such a bang that they’ll dive for cover.

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What happened to my Computer?

It’s so easy, it’d be an April Fools’ crime not to use it on somebody. All you have to do is get access to their computer—wait until they’re at lunch or on a bathroom break—and hit Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow. It instantly flips everything on their PC screen so it’s upside down. (Don’t worry, it’s just as easy to reverse. Just hit Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow.) For a Mac, go to their System Preferences, open the Displays option and click on the “Rotate” menu.

April Fools Day 2021 – Colorful Tap Water!

Rub some food dye onto the bottom of your faucet to make the tap water colorful and startling at the same time!

The Best Mini-Burgers Ever — Or are they?

Build some adorable one-bite burgers with vanilla wafers, shredded coconut and a couple drizzles of tinted icing. Use a small brush to apply a scant amount of corn syrup on the top of a cookie, then sprinkle sesame seeds over the area to resemble a top bun. Take a small, sharp knife and cut or shave off the pointy top of a chocolate kiss to resemble a hamburger patty. Tint one bag of icing with yellow food coloring and the other with red food coloring to resemble mustard and ketchup. Apply yellow icing to the bottom of a second cookie then place chocolate on top, adhering it to the cookie. Tint the shredded coconut with green food coloring to resemble lettuce. Add red icing to underside of the sesame seed top bun and place some of the coconut on top of the red icing. Place on top of chocolate, icing side down.

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