Instead of rushing around and trying to accomplish everything on your to-do list, stop and breathe.  Giving yourself a peaceful moment now and then will leave you refreshed and calm, and able to take on whatever you need to do next.  The act of breathing slows our heart, allowing the adrenaline rush to slow and it gives you time to relax.

When we exercise, we have no alternative but to take many deep breaths, because our body demands more oxygen to support our activity. However, if we are sedentary most of the time, we don’t have as much unconscious incentive to take deep breaths, and so we lose out not only on the benefits of movement but on the benefits of breathing — unless we take conscious steps to change that, whether it’s by periodically stopping for a “breathing break” or meditating on a regular basis, or some other practice that allows us time to breathe mindfully.

Much like meditation, sitting and resting brings about a mind and body awareness.  Find a quiet corner in your house, or sit outside, and give yourself five or ten minutes to just relax and take deep breaths.  This can help you cope with temporary physical and emotional situations.

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