Aries History

ARIES – Historical Side of the Zodiac

The science of Astrology began with the Babylonians around 2,000 years ago. One of the oldest and most common forms in which the signs of the Zodiac have been brought down through the ages is in the figure of man, with the glyph of Aries and a drawing of of a Lamb above his head. This introduced us to the first Zodiac sign, Aries. On his right, a line points to a reclining bull, the symbol of Taurus. Then on his left is a pointer to two seated children, the symbol of Gemini. Also note the two fish crossed underneath the feet, the sign of Pisces. The Aries sign, with its relationship to man and the human body, connects to the brain, which controls and directs the body and mind.

In ancient teachings, Aries was known as the “Lamb of God,” and represented the brain. The brain of man is the organ of mind. The top of the head is the highest part of the body, and man differentiates himself from animals by elevating his head and walking upright. Aries is the first, or head sign of the Zodiac.

Aries signIt has been said that Aries, the upper portion of the brain, is a celestial sphere that corresponds to heaven and is therefore man’s heaven. This coincides with the saying, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” This is why it has been said that this part of the brain links up with, receives vibrations from, and is affected by, the planets or heavenly bodies in the Universe. Early astrologers also have said that, “…if the vibrations set up in the head are too slow, because of chemical deficiencies, and therefore unable to respond to those perfect etheric waves from the celestial head, then symptoms arise which are the visible manifestation of inharmony and disease.”

The creative time of Nature takes place in what is termed the first month of the astrological year, which begins March 21st, and lasts until April 21st. This falls under the Zodiac sign, Aries. During this time, the Sun is passing through the constellation of Aries.

This begins the time of spring and the rabbit is one of the symbols of Spring and of Easter, while it jumps or springs in moving about. Those born at this time of the year usually walk with a springing step. This is when we find the Sun actually springing up into the heavens until it reaches its highest point, which starts the Summer Solstice.

As we ascend into the Spring Equinox, we have the springing up of creative energy. The greatest creative power of Nature is rendered accessible at this time. The Sun and the Moon, in their passage through the constellation of Aries the Ram, usher in the opener of the growing months of the year, signifying the end of winter.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, Aries represents Gad, the seventh son of Jacob, and means “Armed and Prepared.”   Gad and his tribe were fierce and warlike, they were “strong men of might, men of war for the battle, that could handle shield and buckler, their faces — the faces of lions, and the roes upon the mountains of swiftness.” They were known to work hard at everything they did, believing in the success of the mission, not necessarily the individual.

In the symbolism of the New Testament, Aries corresponds to the disciple Thomas. He had a logical but skeptical type of mind. St. Thomas had a courageous loyalty which forbade those who knew him to regard him as a trifling skeptic. He was known as “doubting Thomas,” but his fellow apostles didn’t look upon him as a chronic doubter. Aries people are natural doubters until they figure things out for themselves, and then they excel. Like the disciple Thomas, the Aries always needs “to be shown.”


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