Astrology and the Human Body

Each Zodiac sign is believed to govern a different part of the body. Learning how the human body is associated with the planets can offer vital understanding about the connection we humans have with our Universe. When we know which Zodiac sign rules which areas of the body we form an allegiance with universal powers.

Astrology and Your BodyAncient astrologers claimed that each of the astrological signs rules certain areas of the body and influences organs in those born under that Zodiac sign. Certain parts of the body may hurt or create symptoms because there may be something wrong with it’s sympathetic part. They can also be a strong indicator of the characteristics of the individual born under that sign. See Also: Monthly Horoscopes and Daily Astrology

Astrological Body Insights

The Aries Zodiac sign rules the head, eyes, ears and circulatory system of the head and shoulders. They are the forerunner of the zodiac and natural entrepreneurs. They are always aware of what is going on around them and forthright in their beliefs. As the Ram is headstrong, so is one born under the Aries sign.

The Taurus Zodiac sign rules the area of the mouth, neck, and throat. The Taurus Bull loves the sound of music and loves to sing. They believe in exploring the world through their senses. They are very generous and love good food. They love to get out and run.

The Gemini Zodiac sign rules the shoulders, arms, hands and lungs. It is the sign of the Twin, and the Gemini is very good at using both hands when accomplishing tasks. They fidget a lot and are always busy. Geminis love to communicate.

The Cancer Zodiac sign rules the breasts, chest muscles and hands. Those born under this sign are nurturers, and love to be part of a large family. They are very intuitive and protective. The hands of the Crab enable those to be experts at any type of craftsmanship.

The Leo Zodiac sign rules the heart, back and spine. The sign of the Lion, with the strength of the backbone and spine, is a natural born leader. They are bossy and arrogant but very enthusiastic. Leo is proud and loves to show it.

The Virgo Zodiac sign rules the abdomen, stomach, intestines, liver and corresponding arteries. The Virgos are best at following their gut-feelings to success. They are all about sorting and separating, and very conscious of dirt and disorder. They do well in medicine and healthcare.

The Libra Zodiac sign rules the kidneys and adrenal glands. As the sign of the scales, they are known for their sense of balance, both physically and emotionally. They find it easy to see both sides of an issue. The Libra tends to forget the importance of staying hydrated.

The Scorpio Zodiac sign rules the genital organs, bladder and associated arteries. The Scorpio is all about the intimate connection and bonding between two people. They are mysterious and very good in business.

The Sagittarius Zodiac sign rules the liver, hips and upper part of the leg. They are into travel and exploration as they are strong of muscle, optimism and adventure. They believe strongly in advanced education.

The Capricorn Zodiac sign rules the bones, joints and the lower limbs. The sign of the Goat is all about structure, both within the body and within the mind. Capricorns are practical, disciplined and hard working.

The Aquarius Zodiac sign rules the blood circulation, joints and ankles. They are the discoverers; unconventional and outrageous. They are all about networking and connecting things to each other while being part of something larger than themselves. They love the large crowds in public venues.

The Pisces Zodiac sign rules the lymphatic system and the muscles of the legs and feet. They are deeply sensitive and very emotional. As the sign of the fish, they tend to absorb the hurts of others. You will find them very artistic and idealistic.

horoscope artWhen you are balanced and when you listen and attend to the needs of your body, mind and spirit, your natural beauty comes out. ~ Christy Turlington

We believe that Body Astrology Analysis is no substitute for visiting your doctor, but it can definitely give you some helpful clues to help you to live a more balanced life. For in life, everything is connected and everything works together.

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