Belief in astrology is common among people of the New Age. The belief is that the orientation of the planets at the time of one’s birth may influence a person’s future.

The term New Age actually comes from astrology.  The zodiac, which originated in ancient Babylon, is a wheel of twelve signs, mirroring the constellations found on the path of the sun in the sky.  Each sign represents both a period of the year and an age in history.  The New Age movement teaches that we are moving into an age of enlightenment.  In the Age of  Enlightenment, we will experience a new birth and are initiated into a higher state of consciousness.  New Age believers are now ready to develop new potentials within themselves.  Within this New Age, a major spiritual, physical, psychological and cultural planet-wide transformation is now taking place.

The New Age movement embraces the healing power of crystals and gemstones. Crystals are thought to have healing energy and vibrate at a specific frequency. The theory is that holding crystals in your hand, they transmit energy, which can help calm, comfort and revitalize. Crystals can conduct electricity and our bodies contain a voltage, around 100 watts when we’re resting, and more when we’re active, thus boosting energy levels. New Agers believe in the healing techniques of Holistic practices to aid in the curing of disorders of the mind, body and spirit. New Agers believe that alternative medicine should be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Conventional medicine has recognized that a patient’s state of mind can be crucial in determining the outcome of many diseases, and this perception has help to improve the doctor/patient relationship.

The New Age is a free flowing, decentralized spiritual movement. The New Agers share similar beliefs and practices. Karma is a strong belief that all that we do, the good and the bad, influences our life. There is the belief that all religions are universal and different paths to the same reality. There is no one correct path.

The New Age movement is a time of Enlightenment. We are all one, as everything in the universe is spiritually interconnected. We create our own reality within the laws of Cause and Effect. Every thing around us has spiritual meaning and there are no coincidences. We learn about ourselves through our relationships with other people.

New Age Astrology Enlightenment can be enhanced with the analysis of your monthly directive from the positioning of the planets in relationship to your sign.

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