August Horoscope

The August soul is intrigued with the Sun, for the Sun is the source of all Life and Strength. The Fire Element of August has Summer in a full bloom of lazy afternoons, beautiful flowers and bright sunshine. It is a time to tolerate and forgive enemies and respect the wisdom of elders. It’s not always easy to communicate during a Sun Sign vibration but loyalty and respect runs deep. August is a time when quarrels are quickly resolved, forgiven and forgotten.

August Brings Summer in Full Bloom

We love flitting from one thing to another in search of the ultimate.  Outside circumstances tend to toss us a curve ball, so watch out for road blocks and don’t be too intense.  Life isn’t always an either/or proposition.  Slow down, think before you act and speak, and try to see the issue the way the other guy does.  Don’t jump to conclusions.

August and Stability

August brings a deep need to establish roots and make our home comfortable, warm and a reflection of our own importance.  Changes in residences in the past have given us good memories and strong feelings of security.  It is also a month that brings ways to make money that are unusual.  Some of these methods may be so far ahead of their time that they border on genius.

August and Adventure

You have a strong love of music and a fondness for beautiful surroundings.  You usually do everything in a big way and have an inclination for travel and adventure.  You know where you want to go, but lack direction.  Instead of spending time in chat rooms on the internet, plan that adventure for the near future.  It will work for you.

August and Reality

Our core beliefs determine our reality.  August brings optimism, even when faced with enormous challenges.  Watch out for being too trusting of smooth talkers with devious plans.  Yoga, meditation or an exercise program will help you overcome these issues.

August Brings Us Back to Nature

It’s time to stop wasting a lot of energy fretting about small things in your life.  You’re a psychic sponge who absorbs the emotions and attitudes of the people around you.  A creative outlet for your emotional energy would be most beneficial. Take a walk to your local park or a nature preserve. Nature can often help us get outside of our minds and appreciate the world around us more.

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