Auras and Their Meanings

All things have energy. It’s the way you send out vibrations, or awareness. As human beings, we radiate a very low level of electricity that’s otherwise known as an electromagnetic field. Vibrations are short for vibrational frequency, which is what an aura is comprised of.

My Aura

Each of us has our own aura that reflects our personal energy and affects our ability to connect with others. Our Aura is formed from the energies around our body. This energy field not only goes around us, but throughout and into our body. Our aura interacts with other people’s auras and this is how we are affected by others. Auras are not only beautiful, but helpful in understanding what someone is thinking and feeling.


Our Auras Tell Much About Us

Auras vibrate to different colors, sounds, and lights. The color spectrum varies with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. This aura reflects much about us. It can read our mental and physical health. For best results, we should be willing to meditate to see Auras.

The healthiest Auras (regardless of their color) can he described as clean and bright. People with healthy Auras typically enjoy good physical and emotional health, good luck, and prosperity. What we take in through our eyes and ears and what we think affects the strength and coloration of our Aura.


Auras and Better Health and Stability

Aura colors represent different things, and to be able to see auras enables a person to manipulate energy fields for better health and stability. When a person maintains their bio-energy system in a flowing, open and balanced way, they will experience health and good emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

Some people’s Auras are more sensitive and susceptible to influence from outside energies, whereas other people tend to have less sensitive Auras.

Aura Color Vibration Meanings

Deep red: Grounded, strong will power, survival oriented
Dark red: Anger, survival instincts awakened,
Clear red: Energetic, competitive, sexual, passionate, zest for life
Orange: Vitality, vigor, creative, stamina, courageous, passion
Orange-yellow: Scientific, detail oriented, perfectionist, very ambitious
Yellow: Creative, playful, identity, awareness, sunshine and happiness
Yellow-green: Passionate, communicative, too critical
Green: Nature, growth, balance, love, open heart
Dark green: Jealousy, low self-esteem, resentment
Blue: Cool, calm, sensitive, expression, peace
Dark blue: Fear of self-expression, lonliness
Indigo: Intuitive, visionary, clear minded
Violet: Visionary, divine wisdom, enlightenment
Purple: Strength of the spiritual
Silver: Abundance, nurturing
Bright pink: Sensitive, artistic, affection, compassion, purity
Dark pink: Immature, gentle nature
Gold: Enlightenment, wisdom, intuitive thinker, very spiritual
White: Purity, unity, transcendent
Grey: Not a clear thinker, sadness
Black: Negative energy, physical pain, need for healing.

Auras Radiate While Surrounding the Body

Auras appear as a shimmering, multi-colored field, radiating from the heart or the head, while surrounding the body. A person skilled in the practice of the Metaphysical can interpret a person’s state of mind and their spiritual and personal health by observing their Aura.

Everything in our Universe vibrates because life is animated and expends energy. The expending of energy releases tell-tale signs, leaving behind distinct patterns, much like energetic fingerprints. All living beings emit signals and evidence of their existence. Light, heat, sound waves, etc. are all evidences or residual impressions (like fingerprints) left behind as a bi-product of simply living.

Auras and How We Feel

With practice, it is not difficult to see auras. A good way to begin is to practice sensing them. That means paying attention to how you feel in someone’s presence. Take a deep breath, exhale and then focus on the physical sensations in your body and your gut reaction. Ask yourself how being around the person makes you feel–serene? jumpy? agitated? Think about what color you would attach to this person. As your abilities are enhanced, sensing and seeing auras will become easier. The brightness of a person’s aura has a lot to do with how they feel. If they feel happy and full of life their aura is stronger, larger and brighter. Try playing your partner’s favorite music to help energize his or her aura and make it easier to see.

Your own personal Aura may best be picked up by your peripheral vision. That is, if you focus on it, you won’t see it. But if you look away, you may begin to see colors or light arise.  Your emotions and experiences are said to have a real-time impact on your Aura. This means that if your Aura is dim now, it likely won’t stay that way forever.  There are several ways to go from Negative to Positive color vibrations in your Aura.  More on that in another post.

Our Ever-Changing Auras

Auras expand and retract throughout the day as a reaction to what the environment or people in the environment are sending out. For example, if you are around those you are comfortable with your aura will be a bit larger because you feel more comfortable sending out your energy. However, if you are in a hostile or unfamiliar surrounding you may contract your aura as a form of protection. Similarly if you are tired your aura will contract and become muted or muddy, but if you are rested it should be relatively vibrant and expansive, provided you rested well.


Aura Guided Meditation

Here are the four steps to the aura meditation practice that fosters healing:

1. Breathe deeply and slowly at first, sensing the presence of the bio energy “life force” within you.
2. Feel this energy flowing through you and imagine that it’s cleansing you.
3. Visualize this energy within your body radiating more and more. See if you can see/sense the color of the energy.
4. While visualizing the energy (and color if possible), direct this nourishing energy to the area of the body that needs healing (e.g. areas of the body where pain resides, or feel weak.)

Spend 3-5 minutes per step.

Smudging for Positive Energy

A great way to cleanse your aura of negative energies is Smudging. Burning sage is an ancient tradition used to clear rooms or people of negative energy. If our aura is clear and strong, it will guide us and put us in the position to live the best life we know we deserve and desire.

A smudge kit usually consists of four of five pieces, each representing one of the four or five elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and sometimes Spirit or life energy):

A shell (abalone shell is most often used) to represent Water
Unlit herbs to represent Earth
Lit herbs to represent Fire
Smoke to represent Air

Sage is one of the most popular plants used for smudging, as the smoke carries an amazing fragrance that lifts the spirits. Even though sage grows abundantly in many locations, the most commonly used sage for burning and ceremonies is desert sage, or white sage.

Our Auras

“Our Aura contains the energy of our thoughts, actions, sickness, and also our attitudes. Through the action of our thoughts each day, we can either expand the light we hold within or contract it with feelings of hopelessness and failure.”  ~ Anonymous

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