We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are. People see beauty differently. Colors look brighter to some people, more so than to others. There is beauty all around us. It is in the sky, in the leaves and trees, in the flowers and the grass. Life can be beautiful if you are looking for it to be.

girl and flowersWe are so wrapped up in things in our home and work life that we often take the good things in life for granted. It’s time to start recognizing the beauty around us and the value of even the smallest things. Once we take the time to appreciate the things around us, we begin to live a more satisfying existence, one that is richer and deeper. We can do this by going for a walk. Walking can give us a chance to clear our head and enjoy the beauty that is nature.

Life is short, too short. We should start now to do things that will make us happy and live each day as though it was our last. It’s a great time to appreciate the beauty that is all around us. Sincere appreciation can reduce the bad stress that we carry around, and promotes an overall healthier, more capable body. Take time to appreciate and be grateful for all the good things that we have in our life.

Blossoms crowd the branches, too beautiful to endure.  Thinking of you, I break into bloom again. ~  Xue Tao ~

The earth is like a beautiful bride who needs no man made jewels to heighten her loveliness. ~  Kahlil Gibran ~

All around us, everywhere you look, there is magnificent natural beauty.  It is the awe inspiring sunsets, early evening clouds, stunningly vibrant flowers and the shells that wash up on our beaches.  Nature can affect our moods, let it affect yours in a positive way.

Take time to smell the roses.  Take time to appreciate all that you have.  Take time to understand the importance of Good Karma.  Take time to do for others, especially if it is done anonymously.  Take time to be the friend that you are looking for in others.

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