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Home Brewing your Beer — It’s not only tastier and cheaper than any commercial beer, it’s also healthy for you.  No artificial ingredients.  Sadly, major domestic breweries add nearly 60 chemicals to their beers, some of them inorganic.  These include heading agents, stabilizers, emulsifiers, clarifiers, coloring agents, and the list goes on.  Home brewers  have 100% natural, just malt, hops, yeast, water and corn sugar for priming, home brewed beer.  It tastes better and is better for you.

Once you have sampled your own beer, you will never go back to drinking imports, let alone your favorite domestic brews. Your biggest problem will be keeping your friends from drinking all of it, it’s Premium Quality!

Home brewed beer contains no fat and no bad cholesterol. Studies have shown beer to increase HDL, the good cholesterol and decreases the occurrence of blood clots. The New England Journal of Medicine reported in their November ’99 issue that moderate beer drinkers would decrease the chances of their suffering a stroke by a full 20%. Drinking home brewed beer helps promote blood vessel dilation, sleep and eases urination in elderly people.

Beer is a proven stress reliever and sleep inducer. Nothing like relaxing with a glass of delicious beer you brewed yourself. In fact, the very act of making beer is relaxing. Making your own beer is a fun hobby, good for you, and inexpensive. We have researched the supplies needed to get started on home brewing and have chosen the best in all-inclusive kits to get you on your way. There are so many different “flavors”, why not try a couple. Once you have started, your friends will be at your doorstep for a taste or two. Beer tasting parties from home brewing your own beer is what’s “in” for the New Age generation.

Check out our website, https://secretserendipity.com/ for lots more on the health benefits and relaxing, fun hobby of home brewing beer.

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