You are the architect of your own destiny.  You are the master of your own fate.  You are behind the steering wheel of your life.  There are no limitations to what you can do, have, or be.  ~~ Brian Tracy ~

Get out of the back seat of life and get behind the steering wheel.  When you are in the driver’s seat and want to start moving, you have to take action.  Get out there on the road of life.  If you don’t move, you will stand still.  It is the driver who has to start the process of moving.  It is easy to stay in the back seat, but we won’t.  Leave the others to sit in the back.  Whenever we settle for less than we are capable of doing, we are being unfair to ourselves.  It takes energy to take responsibility to be in the driver’s seat and get on the right path, and we CAN do it.  When we are on the right track, we feel energized and discover that we are no longer in the backseat of life.

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