Go For It


If you are unhappy at the way your life is progressing, it’s time to take another path. Most of us have thought at one time or another, “I wonder, will my ship ever arrive?” Wishful thinking is not going to get that ship to you. Our luck is not going to change overnight. It’s time to put a plan in place to take action and make things happen so that “…someday my ship will come in!” Come up with a plan. If you have a few good ideas, take action to make them work for you. Don’t let good ideas slip away. Ask for the Universe’s help and be a gracious receiver.

Get busy and blaze your own trail. You have to make it happen. Create your vision first in thought form. Make a habit of utilizing quiet time to listen to the spiritual messages that our soul sends to us. Let the spirituality of the soul guide you to become the best version of yourself. Now make a list of what you want to create in your life. Dreams and fantasy show who you really are, or who you want to be, and can help set things in motion as they help you see what is really important to you. Understand where your strengths lie so that you will be better able to achieve your goals. Whatever we put out into the Universe is attracted back at us. Start with small achievements, and gradually expand your vision. This will keep you motivated. Visualize achieving your goals to set you up for success.

Now is the time to spend your life in your own way. Get on that right path. Do your best to make interactions with others positive. Be more aware of how others think and feel when interacting with you. Hard work and understanding your strengths will help you prosper. When you have days that you are struggling to achieve your goals, remember that we all have our off days. Stay positive. Live your life with integrity and responsibility as you blaze your own trail. Whatever we think about the most, believe in the strongest, and imagine the most vividly, shall be our experience.

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