Cabin by the lake.


Coping with the stress in our daily lives is something necessary for good mental and physical health.  Medication along with peaceful imagery done correctly can be two successful ways of making this happen.  Practice deep breathing, visualizing what you want to happen, practice mindfulness and try muscle relaxation exercises as important steps to relaxation.

Take your thoughts to the beach, or a lake, where you imagine hearing the sound of waves, feel the sun on your skin and imagine the sand in your toes.  Imagine a calming boat ride.  Finding that image that helps you calm down and relax instead of getting worked up and stressed out is the goal.  Use deep breathing to help calm the mind and body.  Reinforce these practices by playing meditation tapes at home, at the end of a trying workday, enhanced with the calming effects of beeswax candles or fragrant essential oils to complete the calming ritual.

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