Outside Meditation


Meditation is a method for quieting the chatter of the mind and attaining the inner peace and happiness we all strive for.  Meditation calms down the body and the mind, reduces stress and has a healing effect on the body.  The most successful meditation is practiced every day.

Meditate in a place where you can be alone.  Sit in a comfortable position with your spine erect.  You can sit on the floor, on a cushion or on a chair.  Before you start to meditate, tell yourself that all thoughts, ideas and plans will have to wait until you finish, and that nothing is going to distract your mind.  Strive to stay calm.  Ten minutes of meditation as a beginner is plenty.  Light a beeswax candle.  Focus on your incoming and outgoing breaths.  Meditation brings wisdom and inner peace.

We at www.secretserendipity.com believe in the spiritual power of daily meditation.

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