For those that are just beginning Candle Meditation, it is very self explanatory.  You just place a candle in a safe holder, on a low table.  Light the candle, then sit comfortably at arms length away, and gaze at the flame.  Now that you are ready to begin the meditation, stare at the candle, blinking as little as possible.  Your eyes may water, that is normal.  If thoughts come, just let them be there, or drift by while keeping most of your attention on the candle flame.  Start off with just a few minutes of this meditation, working up to about twenty.

If you want to do the candle meditation as a prelude to your usual meditation, a few minutes should be enough.  It is very settling and peaceful.  It can be very powerful and relaxing to do this candle meditation.  Candle Meditation is enjoyable and mesmerizing as you sit gazing into the flame.  Candle Meditation is also known as Tratak.  You can use it as a prelude to your usual meditation, or as a meditation in itself.

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