If you’re looking for an impressive and inexpensive way to add warming light to the rooms of your home, try candles. You can make candle holders and candle lanterns with many items you have at or around your home.  Look for objects that are interesting, and use a variety of shapes and sizes to create interest in your rooms.  Unusual bowls found at thrift shops make interesting candle holders, decorate around the base with sand, seashells, marbles or anything you may have around the house.

Decorate column candles by wrapping a layer of twigs around the base. Use small dots of glue to hold it in place or secure with a length of raffia or flexible ribbon. Another option is long strips of bark.  Fill a glass bowl or vase with rocks and place a candle in the center of the rocks for an elegant but comfortable look. You can replace the rocks with sand for a look geared more toward summer.   Choose lace for a romantic look. Begin with clear glass votives and use lace trim for a delicate, finishing touch.  Old jewelry used to decorate around the base of your candle adds an extra touch.  There is no limit to what you can do with candles.

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