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CAPRICORN – Historical Side of the Zodiac

The Sun is transiting the zodiacal sign Capricorn from approximately December 21 to January 21. Those born under this sign come under the influence of the Sun in Capricorn, the Goat. The nature of the work accomplished during this period pertains rather more to January than to December, for two weeks of the former, and only one of the latter, are affected. The Sun has reached he southern gate to heaven, from whence it must make ready to ascend. It is the goat, Capricorn, waiting at the food of the mountain to begin its long journey.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, its negative interpretation is satan, who stands in the doorway of the Temple. He is the tempter who endeavors to stop those who would enter therein. Those who aspire to enter the sacred place have produced the mental vibrations causing the aspiration.

January is derived from the Roman word Janus, who was an ancient Italian deity. He was the god of all beginnings and who took precedence of all other gods. He was the ancient of Days and presided over the beginning of human life, of the day, of the agricultural year, over gateways and openings, as ancient astrologers believed.

The god, Janus, is pictured as having two face, looking in opposite directions. One face is that of an old man, the other is that of a youth. This is believed to signify the double doors of the Temple, for one opens into the future, while through the other one may still gaze into the past. One must decide which he will do.

Ancient astrologers have said that the Sun is at its lowest declination and it seems actually to disappear below the earth, at this time. This occurs as the Sun enters the sign Capricorn. Three days after, it enters the third degree of the sign, which degree allocates with Aquarius and the sign of the son of man. This is thought to be the time when Jesus was born.

Capricorn ZodiacThe three decans of the zodiacal sign, Capricorn, allocates accurately with the first three vertebrae of the sacrum. The word sacrum is derived from the Latin “sacer,” meaning sacred, holy, consecrated. The sacrum and sacral vertebrae are the points of origin, within the spinal cord, of those nerves which form the sacral plexus, and which, in connection with the coccygeal nerves, control the functions of the sexual glands.

To initiate means to “go-at” something, to make a beginning. It is said in astrological lore that Capricorn is the sign of the initiate. As Janus has two faces, it is evident that a “right about face,” is analogous to taking a new step, and therefore entering, as it were, another door. So it is that one who has thought only of the lower or negative URN, at last realizes its utter poverty and the fact that he has been the prodigal son long enough. He no longer tears down.

History states that one born with the Sun in Capricorn, may therefore be an initiate or still be “two-faced,” which means to be Capricious. This word is derived from the same root as Capella, which is the Latin name for the goat star.

Capricorn represents the great business interests, trusts, and syndicates, where many laborers are employed. Capricorn symbols the foundation and framework of society, the commonwealth of human interests.

In Bible alchemy, Capricorn represents Judah, the fourth son of Jacob, and means “the praise of the Lord.” In the symbolism of the New Testament, Capricorn corresponds to the disciple John.  Like these men of history, Capricorn people possess a deep interior nature in which they often dwell in the “solitude of the soul.”

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