Winter is here!  It’s the time of the Capricorns.  Those born under the sign of Capricorn are intelligent and patient.  The sign of Capricorn is the mountain goat.  These Capricorns are climbing higher and higher to the top, looking for security and safety.  They display great amounts of perseverance.  Capricorns are very serious and strong willed.  Once they start something, they have to finish it, and they are very reliable when they work on a task.   They seek out people with a sense of humor.  Those born under the Capricorn sign prefer to only have a few good friends, but are very loyal to them.  They look to those that do not understand the Capricorn’s thinking, for they like to keep their thoughts and ideas to themselves.

Capricorns traditional stone is the ruby , red carnelian and the ruby red corundum.  This is the “Star of Purity”.  The Ruby is a symbol of friendship, love and loyalty.  Use the ruby, red carnelian and the ruby red corundum to aid you with setting goals and keeping them, bringing passion to life and balance in your daily encounters.  It helps with motivation and creativity.  The Capricorn people are happy to work for what they need and don’t look to others to do things for them.  They are very independent and prefer to make their own way in life.  They live by self-discipline and don’t take daring chances.  They are the backbone of today’s society.

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