Many people believe that when two or more events happen either simultaneously or in sequence, without any sort of casual connection, it must be a coincidence.  It is believed that people create coincidences to protect themselves from fear and from things they do not understand.  There is no such thing as a coincidence.

We come into this world to learn and grow from our life lessons.  It is in our everyday life circumstances that we must be awake and alert to the energy and messages we receive from our source.  This energy is pure, powerful and abundant in every way.  Each human is a charged up energy system.  This is part of the cosmic design.  This energy is always around us and we are constantly exchanging energy with everyone else.  We are energy and we bring into our reality exactly what we ask for.

It is in this asking that we need to understand that there are no coincidences.  Do not block yourself from hearing the energy messages being sent to you.  We get back what we give out.  It might not be immediate and it might not be in the form we wished for, but it will come back through the rule of cause and effect. This can be good or bad, and the good may be disguised as bad and bad disguised as good.

The universal source is simply guiding you along your path by giving you signs and wonders through your interaction with others.  Are you listening?

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