Changing Bad Karma to Good – 40 Ways To Do It!

When we see that the old ways of doing things aren’t benefiting us, we need to modify our behavior and act in a different way.   There are, also, many things we do in our life that we know won’t bring results for many years, but we do them anyway. We know that eventually, the results will come.  These are all the result of cause and effect, or Karma.  Karma is an energy created by a willful action, through thoughts, words and deeds. We are all creating Karma every minute, and the Karma we create affects us every minute of every day. There are many different ways we can change our “Bad Karma” to “Good Karma.”

40 Ways to Better Karma

  1. Smile at 10 strangers every day
  2. Bake cookies for your colleagues
  3. Donate unwanted clothes to a charity
  4. Help an elderly relative (or someone confused) with their computer
  5. Make amends with a friend you’ve fallen out with
  6. Lend someone a shoulder to cry on
  7. Buy a gift for someone who is struggling for money – but only if you can afford it yourself
  8. Help an elderly shopper reach the high shelves
  9. Do you know someone who spends a lot of time alone? Make plans with them
  10. Make an anonymous donation on an online fundraising page
  11. Do you drive? Give a lift to someone who needs to get somewhere fast
  12. Guide someone into a tricky parking space
  13. Offer to help a friend with a task
  14. Offer to babysit a friend’s kids so they can go out for the day
  15. Take your friends’ kids for an exciting day trip
  16. Help someone make a big decision
  17. Share inspiring posts on social media
  18. Defend someone who is being picked on (a must)
  19. Help a stranger find their missing pet
  20. Sign up for a sponsored walk or run
  21. Sponsor a marathon runner
  22. When grocery shopping, buy extra for a friend in need
  23. Take a friend to the cinema and pay for it yourself
  24. Help a parent carry a stroller up the stairs
  25. Carry a neighbor’s shopping from their car to the house
  26. Send a friend a postcard, even if you haven’t gone anywhere special
  27. Buy a sandwich and a drink for a homeless person
  28. Take a case of water to a spot where the homeless congregate
  29. Cook a meal, or have a picnic, for all your friends
  30. Sneak money into a friend’s pocket, maybe (or not) include a note from you
  31. Pay for the food of the person behind you at the drive thru
  32. Make your partner breakfast in bed
  33. Volunteer with a local charity
  34. Send a handwritten letter to a friend or relative
  35. Say something nice to someone
  36. Call a friend you’ve not spoken to in years
  37. Buy a lottery ticket and give it away
  38. Help someone with their homework
  39. Buy lunch for a friend
  40. Write compliments on post-it notes and hide them around a friend’s house.

We Create our Reality – With Karma

Saying you have luck, good or bad, puts you in a victim mentality. This is similar to saying things “happen to you.” Nothing happens to you. You earn it through your thoughts, words, and actions. You create your world by your attitude and actions. If you have the attitude that “bad” things happen to you. You will seek them out. Your consciousness vibrates at a frequency that attracts what you are thinking and believing.

Good Karma Brings Peace and Happiness

By seeking to do the right thing in any given situation, we, as well as those around us, will become conditioned for peace and happiness in a very real and concrete sense. Likewise, through negative actions we condition ourselves, as well as those around us, for suffering now and in the future.  You can’t control the behavior of others, but your reactions and actions will dictate your path.  Understand that the way you treat people is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.


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