Chinese Year of the Rat 2020

Chinese Year of the Rat – 2020, Love & Marriage

Friendships, Love & Marriage!

This year of the Rat has the potential to be a successful one. Transformation can be expected. Start taking care of your own interests and let others tend to their needs. It will be a little hard to earn money in the year of the Rat. But success is within your reach.

Hard Work and Rewards

Profits will be in the business sector. Hard work will bring rewards in the second half of this year and make this a good year financially for those that want to do the work. Investments, real estate and good common sense will lead to stable financial gains.

Looking For Your Soulmate

It won’t be easy for you to find your soulmate if you are a single lady or gentleman. You will face competition to find your true partner as there will be many others doing the same. On the positive side, there will be many choices and lots of opportunities if looking for romance. It is advisable in the year of the Rat to wait patiently for the right chance and not force people into a relationship.

Relationships and Marriage

Relationships can be difficult. Getting to know a person really well first before embarking on a passionate love affair is the way to build a solid foundation and make a relationship long-lasting. It can be a good year to end your single years, be in a committed relationship, and maybe start a family. If your relationship has been long-term, be prepared to commit or to move on.

Married Life is Unpredictable

The Year of the Rat is a good year to travel with your partner and improve your bonding. To begin the year, all the past difficulties and hidden hostilities will make their way to the surface of your relationship. Your marriage will experience some stressful hiccups. However, if one stays calm, you’ll be able to work through your issues. Your more playful side will emerge and you’ll be able to reconcile your differences with your partner. In the first part of the year, you will be more interested in making money than focusing on your marriage. However, things calm down and you will have the opportunity to refocus your energy on romance. Take advantage of this time to let the love and warmth seep back into your marriage.

Looking For Love in the Year of the Rat

For singles, many new friends of the opposite sex will be attracted to you. It is a year when singles will probably find their love, if that is what they are looking for. Don’t mistake flattery for love. A serious look at your life and whom you want to have by your side will be what counts.

Scoundrels in the Year of the Rat

The year of the Rat lives up to its name as rats are creators of embarrassing situations. As a gambler and glutton, the Rat does not know how to deny himself anything. Anything to create a new experience. Rats crave action and excitement. Beware of being framed by hypocrites, because a slip of the mind could easily lead Rats to their traps. The key is to be aware.

Relationships Bring Contentment

It’s time to settle down a bit and re-evaluate what is important to you. Relationships in the year of the Rat are frequently intense and complex, and the relationship with the ex can continue long after the line has been drawn. Why? Because it serves the same purpose it did at the start; it’s a life lesson. Don’t let your emotions overrun your life and interactions with others. Learn how to compromise. These things will lead you to a more contented life.

Year of the Rat and Breaking Friendships

In this year of the Rat, money earned is quickly spent. There will be more good news than bad. Be careful and avoid breaking friendships or partnerships, legal or career-wise, to avoid future repercussions. It is a year when we tend to gravitate toward those who seem to let us be ourselves and are patient with our more difficult qualities.

Year of the Rat and Your Astrological Sign

Astrological signs within the 2020 Year of the Rat:

Aries: Cornered Rat. Lots of aggressiveness here.

Taurus: Rat the Charmer, somewhere between Mickey Mouse and Ferdinand the Bull.

Gemini: Super Rat! Escapes all the traps.

Cancer: Dreamer Rat. His castles in the air can prove expensive.

Leo: Bizarre Rat. Contradicting himself, he should pay attention.

Virgo: Rat of the Laboratory. Will manage to find his way through the labyrinths of life.

Libra: Conciliatory Rat. Aggression very much toned down.

Scorpio: Virulent Rat! Destroys anything in its way.

Sagittarius: Energetic Rat: Succeeds, even in practicing frugality.

Capricorn: A severe Rat. Difficult to trap.

Aquarius: Intellectual Rat. A writer with authority.

Pisces: Imaginative Rat. Can do everything, including making mistakes!

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