The most important thing to understand about happiness is that it is based on the choices that we make from moment to moment.  Most of the time, we allow the little things to bother us and block any happness that we would otherwise feel.  Many times serious situations make it difficult to feel happy.  This is normal.  Just make sure that you embrace the happiness you do have in your life, and watch it grow to incredible proportions.

Many people think, that in the pursuit of happiness, they need to have wealth and power.  People have experimented with every conceivable type of lifestyle, relationship, economic status, philosophy and belief, searching for happiness.  People try whiter teeth, a skinnier body, newer car, richer food, and many other material things, thinking that these things are the way to happiness.  We are all chasing the illusion.

The real secret to being happy is in your mindset.  You must make the decision to be happy.  Choose Happiness!  Don’t let the trials and tribulations of everyday life rob you of your inner joy.  When your happiness doesn’t depend on external forces, then those forces can’t take it away from you.  And as an extra bonus, happy, positive people attract happy, positive people.  Your life will become a treasure.

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