Comet Atlas May 23 2020

Comet Atlas May 23 2020

Comet Atlas May 23 2020 is second in brightness only to Venus! It can be observed through binoculars traveling between the constellations known as the Big Dipper and the Giraffe. When this comet reaches its peak, it may be the brightest comet seen from Earth in 20 years.

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Comet Atlas May 23 2020 Appears as a Brilliant Emerald!

The gas tail from the Comet Atlas glows from atoms ionized by ultraviolet light and blows straight back (away from the Sun) in the solar wind. That’s because in such a configuration, the tail takes the sunlight from below the horizon and scatters it forward. The top half of the tail remains above the horizon all night, drawing our view downward. As minutes flow by, the tail brightens, overcoming the rising oranges and yellows of dawn until it reaches the brilliant head of the comet, lifting off the horizon. Appearing gray to the human eye at first, the familiar green hue efflorescence into a brilliant emerald.

A Newly-Discovered Comet!

Newly discovered Comet Atlas will be making its closest approach to Earth on May 23rd, at a distance of 72 million miles (116 million kilometers). In the months following this close approach, the comet is expected to brighten. Although comets are extremely difficult to forecast, some astronomers believe that Comet Atlas could brighten to a magnitude of between + 1 and -5. This could potentially make it the second brightest object in the night sky besides the Moon.

Comet Atlas May 23 2020 Could Grow Brighter than Venus!

Although it’s difficult to predict exactly how bright the comet will be by the time it approaches our view, Comet Atlas has shown promise as it continues to increase in brightness over time. If it manages to hold its shape as it moves nearer to the sun, it could grow brighter than Venus. If Comet Atlas keeps its shape while approaching the Sun, we will witness an amazing celestial show. All we can do now is just wait and see.

Comets are Unpredictable!

Comets are at risk of breaking apart as they draw nearer to the Sun, running out of gas and disintegrating from the heat of the star. However, if it does survive the journey, Comet Atlas will hit its peak brightness by the end of May. The Comet, or its fragments, will be visible as it continues to approach the Sun but it may not be a naked-eye spectacle. Comets are unpredictable. Astronomers will be watching with telescopes and binoculars to see if the comet survives its passage by the Sun.

We Could Witness an Amazing Celestial Show!

If Сomet Atlas keeps its shape while approaching the Sun, we will witness an amazing celestial show. It could also disappoint and never become visible to the naked eye. What we do know is that the comet should be visible around twilight on May 23rd. It will then be well placed for observation all night long and will look like a bright, conspicuous, hazy dot. If you have a telescope, you should be rewarded.

Chinese “Hui Xin”!

The Chinese call comets ‘hui xin’. ‘Hui’ is equivalent to ‘wisdom’. Interestingly, in Chinese, it is said “wield the sword of wisdom to cut away the attachment.” Wisdom is like a sword, and comets are obviously a symbol of a treasure sword. From images, symbolization of what we observe in life, it is believed that comets are an implication of the birth of new wisdom.

The Arrival of the Comet Atlas May 23 2020 Signals a Rebirth!

The arrival of a comet signals a rebirth within us, new beginnings from which we can begin the next part of our life journey. Lately, we have experienced a period of upheaval, where we are unsure of all the things we were once so certain of, and most of us will have taken time to evaluate the path we were on. The comet serves as a reminder that all things are in transit, and on their own journey. We cannot forget to keep moving forward on our own. This Comet Atlas shows us that beauty is just around the corner. Be happy!

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