Angels are always willing to help us.  One of the best ways of connecting with angels, whether it be your Guardian Angels or one of the many angels available to help us, is to try meditation.  Find a spot that your are familiar with, and make yourself comfortable.  Be aware of your breathing, slow and methodical.  Have your body become relaxed.  Empty your mind of distressing thoughts and be in the moment only.  Tell your angels that you wish to communicate with them.  Be aware of what happens now, as you are in a deep peace.  It may not be much at first but wait and see what happens.  Subtle changes will occur.  You will see light, colors, and may be aware of a presence.  You will then, with time and practice, feel real love and emotion.

We believe in the metaphysical journey to wellness.  Angels and meditation are two strong beliefs that we have to help us in this journey.

Join us at as we practice angel meditation.

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