We have the ability to create our own reality.  When we look at a situation, we can see the positive or we can see the negative.  Negative thinking weakens the immune system and contributes to disease.  What is violence but an extreme expression of negativity. Positive thoughts create more positive circumstances.  To lead a healthy life, it is important that we have balanced emotions.

It is not that important to always be right.  Would you rather be right or would you choose to be happy?  To find some peace and happiness, we need to let go of things are really not that important.  The need to be right can bring forth negative thoughts because we won’t let go of something that is not all that important anyway.  Sometimes, if we had actually taken the time to hear another point of view, we might just find out that we really weren’t all that right after all.

We make our own reality.  Let’s make that reality one filled with peace, joy and happiness.  Follow us at as we take our journey to wellness.

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